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   Saturday, May 23, 2015
PermalinkWellness Central Wed night dinner at the Opera Plaza in SF
EVERY WEDNSDAY AT 6 PM, VEGAN DINNER + INFORMATIVE SESSION (some are videos and some are live). Check SFVS weekly calendar for details. 

May 27th

This coming Wed. evening, May 27 at 6 pm, at the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco, listen to an important presentation by Dr. William Harris via video, on how to be your own vegan nutritionist.  Dr. Harris has been director of the Kaiser Permanente Vegetarian Lifestyle clinic, and is the author of "The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism"  He is a renowned authority and speaker on the topic of healthy and complete vegan nutrition.  In this presentation, Dr. Harris cuts through the maze of contradictory nutritional recommendations, with a few simple rules.  He has been vegan for over 50 years, so speaks from tested experience.

After his presentation, you will receive a handout to take home.  It is a COMPREHENSIVE list of easy to find and inexpensive vegan foods which  are good sources for:

essential fats
vitamin D
omega 3
Vitamin B12
other vegan essentials

This is a one-stop list which you can take with you to the store or use in preparing shopping lists.  It covers the territory.  Developed by certified Nutritionists, the information is safe and complete.  If you have questions, a certified Nutritionist will be present in person to provide answers and information.

Before the presentation, enjoy a DELICIOUS vegan dinner planned and presented by a certified Nutritionist.  Carefully designed for nutritional excellence, you will go away feeling the positive difference.  All vegan and all health-supporting, made without eggs, dairy, honey, oil or added sugars.  And, it is all you care to eat.  bring a container and take some home with you to enjoy.

Location is the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco.  Take the elevator to the first floor, then security will key you down to the mezzanine for the event.

A fifteen dollar requested donation covers the all you can eat vegan dinner,  The Nutritionist donates her time. Funds go toward facility rental, food, transport and other costs.

RSVP to (888) 234-1361 or email to:

Wellness Central

David Koot
posted by SFVS admin on:
5/23/2015 10:01:00 PM

Karine Brighten Events presents: Veg Speed Dating 
(please note that the event is open to heterosexuals only at this time)
How The Events Will Work: 
- When you arrive you will have 15 minutes to get settled in order yourself a drink/food, and mingle (please note that beverages and food are not included in your ticket price)
- You will then have 5 minutes to talk with potential matches and get to know them more. If you are interested in connecting with them after the event, all you need to do is check their names off the list you will be given
- After the speed dating portion is over you are welcomed to hang out at the bar -You will receive an email within 24 hours of the event letting you know whether or not you were matched with anyone
You must purchase your event tickets in advance. Spots are limited, and trust us, every veg speed dating event we’ve done thus far has sold out!
Early Bird tickets are $35 and going up to $40 on June 14th
Purchase your ticket by clicking HERE

Check out this awesome testimonial!

"Hi Karine, I attended your first speed dating event a few years ago at Saturn Cafe. Your email today reminded me that I never informed you of my personal outcome of the event. Liz and I met at the event, connected via the subsequent email as we were on each other's lists, and - now a few years later - are married, own a house, and are expected a daughter later this summer. If you ever need a success story, you have one.Thanks for holding these events. They certainly changed our lives."
posted by SFVS admin on:
5/23/2015 08:57:00 PM

   Monday, March 02, 2015
Love Animals, Love Earth, Love Life: Go Veg!
Lauren Ornelas will speak on access to healthy foods in communities of color and low-income groups, in solidarity with farm workers and on the issue of slavery in the chocolate industry.  She is active in the animal rights movement nationwide.
She is founder of the Food Empowerment Project
Watch her TEDx talk:


Dan Brook, Ph.D., is a long-time veg eater, writer, and activist.  His web site Eco-Eating: Eating as if the Earth Matters is a comprehensive source for those who are interested in protecting the environment and climate changes.

His web page is at
Publications are available via

Sunday March 15TH 12:00 – 3:30 pm

1187 Franklin Street/corner Geary Blvd., San Francisco

12:00 Register ~ 12:30 DELICIOUS VEGAN LUNCH
Organic/gluten-free/vegan cuisine with a Latin touch by El Coqui Creations and Hodo Soy. Chocolate desert provided by Choquiero
1:30 – 3:00 Presentation &$1 RAFFLE! 
Grand Prize $100 Millennium Certificate, other prizes: Frey wines, World Veg Fest entrance
Free samples by Artisana Foods
SUGGESTED DONATION for Lunch: $10.00
Students and Seniors ~ Sliding Scale ~ Wheelchair Accessible
RSVP (recommended) to or call 415-595-7306

Sponsors: Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry!uu-animal-ministry-uuam/c2189 & The San Francisco Veg Society
posted by SFVS admin on:
3/02/2015 08:20:00 PM

   Monday, January 19, 2015
PermalinkCircles of Compassion: essays connecting issues of justice
This new book just released by Vegan Publishers last month, is a compilation of vegan authors who make the connections between oppressive cultural forces. The books was originally born from the vision of two feminist-animal activist; Ashley Maier and Stacia Mesleh. The two created an organization called Connect the Dots in 2006 to bring awareness to the interconnectedness between human, animal and environmental oppression.

According to Carol Adams, who wrote the forward for the book, ecofeminism is the term used by many of the contributing authors to describe how our domination over nature is linked to the domination over woman and that "both dominations must be eradicated (pg. 10). In 2008, Ashley and Stacia posted a call for papers that addressed the commonality of oppression. They were looking for essays highlighting "that a pervasive mindset, conscious or unconscious, underlies most human-caused violence, exploitation, and oppression." (  These include both socially sanctioned (i.e. animal consumption, land use, inequitable pay) and non-socially sanctioned (i.e. abuse of companion animals, toxic waste dumping, rape). 

Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet (, is a contributing author and editor. He states that animal agriculture is the driving force "that drives conflict, injustice, competition and the various forms of injustice that plague our world (pg. 20). He uses the term "cultural programming" to describe a false underlying mentality current that is the root to our problems of injustice. Ultimately, Circles of Compassion aims to bring awareness to these interconnections, thereby bringing about change and human empowerment to live in a just world.
Now on sale
$22.00 $16.50 Paperback
$7.49 $5.62 eBook (PDF)

Below is the list of contributors and chapter titles.

Foreword by Carol J. Adams

David Cantor – Beyond Humanism, Toward a New Animalism

Angel Flinn No Innocent Bystanders
Katrina Fox – Why Compassion is Essential to Social Justice

Beatrice Friedlander – A Woman, A Cat, and a Realization

Lori Girshick – Interconnected Injustices and the Struggle for Universal Liberation

Rachel Griffin – Social Responsibility, Reflexivity, and Chasing Rainbows

Robert Grillo – Eating Animals and the Illusion of Personal Choice

Melanie Joy – Carnism: Why Eating Animals is a Social Justice Issue

Lisa Kemmerer – Sustenance, Sincerity, and Social Justice

Rita Laws – Mother Corn, Father Pumpkin, Sister Bean

Keith McHenry – Until Every Belly is Full

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters – Slavery. It's Still a Thing

Dawn Moncrief – Hunger, Meat, and the Banality of Evil

David Nibert – Animal Rights Equal Human Rights: Domesecration and Engangled Oppression
Anthony Nocella - Building an Animal Advocacy Movement for Racial and Disability Justice
Richard Oppenlander – Our Lifeline Revealed Through the Eye of Justice

Lauren Ornelas – A Hunger for Justice

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – Veganism: A Path to Nonviolence

Sailesh Rao – Climate Change and Injustice Everywhere

Anteneh Roba – The Inescapable Net of Mutuality

Marla Rose – The Universal Female: Invisible Threads that Stitch Us Together
Ruby Roth – Harming Children to Protect Them
Richard Schwartz – Connecting the Dots on Dietary Choices

Kim Sheridan - Looking Behind the Curtain to the Hidden Side of Justice Issues
Jasmin Singer – The Gay Animal: A Personal Exploration of Interconnectedness

Gary Smith – Animal Rights as a Social Justice Issue

Jo Stepaniak – Confronting the Saboteur Within: Advancing a Consciousness of Compassion

Will Tuttle – Our Cultural Crisis and the Vegan Solution

Zoe Weil – The MOGO Principle for a Peaceful, Sustainable, and Humane World
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1/19/2015 03:55:00 PM

   Sunday, January 18, 2015
PermalinkA word from the new President - Greg Rohrbach
Greetings!  My name is Greg Rorhbach. 

As the SF Veg Society newly elected President, I am thrilled to serve this historical SF organization! I first heard about SFVS five years ago at the Green Festival.  At first, Patly and I were veg curious about the vegan lifestyle.  We read, researched, and talked to other vegans. We became even more engaged by connecting with other veg folks.  Monthly society potlucks and SFVS co-sponsored Wellness Central dinners provided educational and spiritual support that kept us on track!  When we first attended the annual World Veg Festival, we were very impressed with all the great speakers, vendors and amazing veg community.  From then on, I was inspired to play a bigger role in the society and served first as a volunteer at events, then board member and Volunteer Coordinator for the festival.  I was honored when Dixie (Pres for over 40 years) asked me whether I would be interested in succeeding her as the next President of the SFVS.  Her tap dancing shoes will be hard to fill, but with the help of the board members and Patly (my organized better half), Dixie’s legacy will continue on.  For those of you who are die-hard Dixie fans… don’t worry she will not be going away.  The dedicated Dixie will still help SFVS as Vice President and will guide me with pertinent society functions.  I am so grateful she will be around.  I hope to continue Dixie’s legacy to promote a veg lifestyle in the San Francisco Bay Area!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of our members and future members.  A little bit about myself… I am a Veteran who served in the Navy.  I have been an RN for 10 years now, mostly in cardiac care.  In my current job as the Healthy Heart Program RN Coordinator at the SF Veterans Medical Center, I work with patients who have had cardiac procedures such as open-heart surgeries and coronary artery stents.  I help educate them on making healthy lifestyle changes to prevent future cardiac events.  It just so happens that research has demonstrated that a vegan diet not only prevents   coronary artery disease but can also reverse it.  Every participant       receives the Forks over Knives video!  Currently, I am enrolled at         USF pursing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree as a           nurse practitioner.  My hobbies include connecting with other like-minded folks, hiking/biking, and grabbing a Field Roast veg burger at ATT park every now and then (Derby Grill 127 if you are wondering).  

posted by SFVS admin on:
1/18/2015 09:36:00 AM

   Tuesday, February 18, 2014
PermalinkSummer camp for youths who care about community service

Life-Changing Summer Camp for Youth Making a Difference!

YEA Camp is a unique and inspiring leadership summer camp for youth 12-17 who care about community service, activism and social justice. A week-long sleep-away program in a beautiful camp location, YEA is designed to be a fun and transformative experience that builds life-long friendships between youth with similar interests. Our program also provides a meaningful opportunity for campers to learn more about some of the issues facing our planet and to get inspired and empowered to take action on those issues. Campers choose an issue of importance to them (for example, some have chosen climate change, racism, homophobia, homelessness, animal rights) and at YEA they build the knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to take action on that issue long after camp is over. Youth who have participated in our programs report that the camp was one of the most fun, rewarding and life-changing experiences they have had, and, with YEA's community support, have gone on to start school clubs, plan fundraisers for nonprofits, organize community clean-ups, and attend hearings to comment about important community issues. For more information, visit our website or watch a two minute video about our program.

"My experience was great! I made amazing friends and I learned a lot, but most of all, the combination of the two left me inspired and excited to make a difference! Everything I learned inspired me to take action on issues I'm passionate about, too! In addition to taking on bullying, I'm going vegan, and hopefully forming a biking group! This camp was amazing and I'm so grateful for the opportunity."
- Connor, 15, Washington
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2/18/2014 12:01:00 PM

   Tuesday, December 03, 2013
PermalinkDixie's 80th birthday celebration
There was a special event to celebrate Dixie Mahy's 80th birthday. Dixie has been the SFVS president for many years, and has been very instrumental in the development in each years World Veg Festival here in San Francisco.

View all Pictures

Dixie with 1st place Vegan Iron Chef 2012, Lisa Books-Williams w/special vegan BD cake
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12/03/2013 11:16:00 AM

   Saturday, October 19, 2013
PermalinkCLASS: Vegan Cuisine of India
Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff offers a workshop on Vegan Cuisine of India at Other Avenues Food Coop, on 3930 Judah Street (x 44th Avenue) in outer Sunset district of San Francisco on Sunday, October 27th 2013 from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. This happens to be the first day of Diwali.
Discussion: How to select, use, mix and store Indian spices

Demonstration with student participation:
     (1) Quick Stir fry vegetable dish
     (2) Brown and White Basmati rice
     (3) Raw cashew chutney
     (4) Chai (black tea with spices & soymilk)

Fee: $25 covers a complete lunch and copies of recipes

You will learn how to make above listed four vegan, low-fat and gluten-free dishes. Shanta will also give the students a tour of the coop locating all spices and other ingredients going into this meal. Class
limited to 10 students.  Preregistration recommended,  but walk-in students are welcome  if space available.

Vegetarian Society Members get a 10% discount
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10/19/2013 09:40:00 AM

   Tuesday, July 30, 2013
PermalinkSupport your local farmer
This site is useful if you want to know where your local produce is at...

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7/30/2013 11:54:00 AM

   Saturday, July 13, 2013
PermalinkLocal Love Catering becomes Sanctuary Bistro
We, at Local Love Catering, have some exciting news 

Finally, Chef Barry and I, of Local Love Catering, are working to realize our dreams to open a restaurant in the East Bay. Sanctuary Bistro will open in Fall 2013 and we will continue to cater events and private parties as we always have, under the new name. 

Why the name Sanctuary? Sanctuary will donate a portion of our profits to the Sonoma County Farm Sanctuary and Education Center. We will be a Sanctuary for the animals, the planet, and the people. 

Opening Fall 2013 :: Sanctuary
Fine dining bistro caters to eating healthfully, and conscientiously

Hi everyone, We are excited to announce we are in the early stages of establishing Sanctuary, a fine dining, plant-based bistro in the East Bay area scheduled to open this Fall and we've created a Kickstarter campaign to raise some seed money. 

If you see the need for a sustainable bistro in the area like we do, we'd love to have your support. Find the kickstarter campaign here for more.

By creating a sustainable Bistro that is healthy for the planet, the environment and all living beings we create a sanctuary - a beautiful space to find peace while enjoying local, organic, healthy, vegan food with a farm to table philosophy. Our Bistro will be a warm, natural, organic location to enjoy with loved ones, family, and friends.  

Sanctuary will cater to those who want to make positive change in their lives. It’s not just for those who embrace the vegan lifestyle, but also for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, eat with more compassion, or simply want a healthful option when going out. We will bring local produce into gourmet, organic, vegan cuisine in a conscientious and thoughtful way. 

If you don’t know Chef Barry, he is the former chef at the Stanford Inn by the Sea and has been cooking since he was 17. Classically trained at the Cordon Bleu, he converted Stanford Inn’s Raven Restaurant from a vegetarian to a vegan restaurant. In 2009, we founded Local Love catering in the Bay Area with a few dollars and a lot of pies and doubled our sales each year serving private clients, parties, and weddings.

Thanks, and we hope you'll check out the video and more details on our Kickstarter page.

From our family to yours,
Chef Barry, Jennifer, Jayden and Adeline

To learn more go to:

posted by Local Love Catering: soon to be Sanctuary Bistro on:
7/13/2013 09:00:00 AM

   Thursday, May 23, 2013
PermalinkDoes butchering animals lead to butchering people?

In light of the terrible London attack yesterday, this article suggests that Muslims are so desensitized to animal slaughter, that it sets them up to be able to butcher humans too. Is he right?

posted by veggiedude on:
5/23/2013 05:24:00 PM

   Monday, October 08, 2012
We, here at Local Love Catering, wanted to send out a formal THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who helped make last nights dinner such a success.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  You were amazing, wonderful and so hard working! Pictures will be added later this afternoon from the event!
Please send more pictures my way so I can add them.

I also wanted to thank everyone that I was able to speak to at the event.  So many great people making a difference in the world.  Thank you for all that you do.

Lastly, Thank you to Joe and Dixie for the incredible work that you do to put this event on!
It is an insane amount of work and once again you have pulled it off.

I want to extend to the entire community a Deal that we offered just for VegFest and we are going to extend the offer until Midnight tonight, Monday.

November 18, 2012: San Francisco, Ca

Local Love Catering & Transitioning to Health presents:
Life and Knife Skills Workshop


NEW:  THIS MENU WILL BE FOCUSED ON CREATING A VEGAN HOLIDAY MEAL!!!!!  Join us for these amazing events. Sid Garza-Hillman, Certified Nutritional Consultant,, will lead a seminar to discuss transitioning to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on simple, accessible changes to your diet and day-to-day life. Sid utilizes results oriented practices and personal coaching based on cutting-edge research. The seminar is followed by a 1.5 hour cooking class with Chef Barry Horton which includes: basic knife skills, vegan cookery and preparation; an Appetizer; an Entree; and a Dessert; finishing with a Q&A with the Chef and Nutritionist at a sit down dinner to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to ask your more personal help and culinary needs!

NORMALLY: Course Fee: $125 per person (Limited spaces.)
Call 510.917.0190 or email

VegFest Special ONLY $62.50 for 2 people at this amazing 4 hour class.  

Jennifer, Chef Barry and Jayden

 Our little Booth.  Hope you stopped by and said hello and tried some of our treats.

 Jayden was having a great time at VegFest.  He is our little vegan advocate.  Compassionate since birth.

 Black Eyed pea and Vegetable Salad

 Roasted Beet Salad.

The Whole meal:  Tempeh Loaf and Mushroom Gravy, Roasted Beet Salad, Black Eyed Pea and Vegetable Salad, MAshed Potatoes and "Cheesy Broccoli".

posted by Barry Horton on:
10/08/2012 08:33:00 AM

   Friday, September 28, 2012
Our 13th World Veg Festival is just days away. We want to take some time to focus on something new this year: The Green Lifestyle Film Festival.

Come early (before 10:30am) and get in free to see two films on Saturday & one film on Sunday.
Check in at the gate then immediately go to the Recreation Room on Saturday and Auditorium on Sunday. 

RAWMAN & GREEN-GIRL MEET FRANKENFOOD - Saturday, Oct. 6, 10:20 a.m. 
Running Time: 10 minutes
Holy guacamole! Move over cartoons and make room for the GLFF's GreenToon!
Global warming, air pollution, pesticides in our food and chemicals in our water are just a few of the problems that threaten the health and well being of the human race today. In response, a new breed of Superhero has emerged to save us from our ecological shortsightedness, and those that would abuse our world for their own benefit.
Raw-Vegan Superheroes Rawman and Green-Girl fight a never-ending battle to right that which is wrong in order to protect our planet.
The show was created by Ron Gilmore and Caroline Jue shortly after the first Green Lifestyle Film Festival  and is written and animated by Ron Gilmore.

A SACRED DUTY - Saturday, Oct 6, 10:30 a.m.
Running Time: 60 minutes
Produced by Emmy-Award-winning producer, director, writer, and cinematographer Lionel Friedberg, A SACRED DUTY will take its place alongside Al Gore's AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH and Leonardo di Caprio's THE ELEVENTH HOUR as another powerful expose of the dangers of global warming. However, it goes beyond the latter two films, by showing how religious responses can make a major difference and why a shift toward plant-based diets is an essential part of efforts to reduce global climate change and other environmental threats.

REVERSING DIABETES IN 30 DAYS - Sunday, Oct. 7, 10:20 a.m.
Running time: 60 minutes

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9/28/2012 01:12:00 AM

   Wednesday, May 23, 2012
PermalinkVideo: Don Forrester (MD)
Preventing Chronic Disease

Talk by Don Forrester (MD) on May 19, 2012 in San Francisco California. Sponsored by San Francisco Vegetarian Society and Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry.


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5/23/2012 12:01:00 PM

   Thursday, March 22, 2012
PermalinkJack Norris on Vegan Nutrition (Meatout 2012)

Vegan Nutrition - What does the science say?

This lecture is by Jack Norris, at 2012 Meatout in San Francisco.

click picture below to view video


posted by veggiedude on:
3/22/2012 01:17:00 PM

PermalinkLauren Ornelas at 2012 Meatout

Talk by Lauren Ornelas at the 2012 Meatout in San Francisco, sponsored by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society.

click picture below to view video


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3/22/2012 12:52:00 PM

   Friday, March 02, 2012
PermalinkWhy you should know (and love) Craig Venter
It has been almost two years after the fact. Artificial life created in the lab. Craig Venter is pioneering a whole new field of engineering new life forms. He hopes to create one so we won't have to depend on dirty fossil fuels.

And if Venter has his way, the human race will be vegan by the middle of this century...

"It takes 10 kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of beef, 15 liters of water to get one kilogram of beef, and those cows produce a lot of methane," another potent greenhouse gas, Venter observed. "Why not get rid of the cows?" The replacement: meat grown in a test tube from microbes thanks to synthetic biology.

From: Can Algae Feed the World and Fuel the Planet?

A Scientific American interview with Craig Venter

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3/02/2012 03:35:00 PM

PermalinkSurvival training
As vegetarians and animal rights people, we are often posed hypothetical questions, such as, if you could choose between your dog or your child who would you save? Totally bizarre. Yet, one such question had me wondering. If I was left out in the wilderness, how would i survive? Many plants are poisonous and I'm a city guy! So I googled it, and I found some answers...

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3/02/2012 02:33:00 PM

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