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be kind to animals, don't eat them
   Tuesday, July 30, 2013
PermalinkSupport your local farmer
This site is useful if you want to know where your local produce is at...

posted by veggiedude on:
7/30/2013 11:54:00 AM

Anonymous SojournerTruth said...

It is definitely, clearly OBVIOUS to any intelligent reader that the foolish person using the moniker "VeggieDude" is the CULPRIT who sleazily, unethically & inappropriately initiated a deceitful thread. "VeggieDude" deliberately posted ludicrous & disgusting SLANDER, and "VeggieDude" misconducts himself in a very foolish, warped & misguided manner, that only embarrasses himself.


4:26 AM  
Blogger Lincoln Madison said...

Businesses have been battling the decision of purchasing an International Toll Free Numbers or a Local Area Number for years.

5:17 AM  

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